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Who are we?


Appointed by the town select board and headed by its Chairman, Joe Roy Jr, the West Stockbridge Vision Committee aims to set and direct a positive road to the future by defining the town's vision and proposing a series of strategic municipal projects to guide our town to a prosperous future for residents and visitors alike.

Join the discussion


Take part in our semi-weekly open meetings.  Bring your ideas about what direction you want to take your town in.  Comment on the ideas of others.  Meet the other members of your community who are taking part in the conversation.



The Vision Committee fosters initiatives that enhance West Stockbridge.


The town of West Stockbridge is defined by a rich history, scenic beauty, and industrious work ethic.  We aspire to further develop our foundation of craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and the arts, while continuing to beautify our landscapes and architecture, preserve our natural resources, and build, advance, and diversify our community.

Open Meetings

Join us at the town hall as we analyze the results of our forum and discuss possible changes to the vision statement based on public feedback.  As a reminder, all of our meetings are open, so join us anytime!

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