Meet The Committee

Joe formed and now chairs the committee at the Selectmen's request. He is a past West Stockbridge Selectman, and is Clerk of the Zoning Board of Appeals. He is also clerk of the West Stockbridge Village Association and is active in producing the West Stockbridge Brochure. Joe is a second generation West Stockbridge native who loves our town's history and is excited about its future!


A lifelong West Stockbridge resident, Steve, the committee clerk, is a Software Engineering Director who owns and operates a small farmhouse Winery & Apiary on the edge of town with his wife and young son.  Steve brings unique, technology-minded insights and a family oriented perspective to the committee.

Bill Barth, co-chair of the committee, began his career in aerospace, developing software for submarine sonar arrays and classified projects too secret to detail. He designed and managed flight-testing systems for the F-14 Tomcat and the Apollo Moon Lander Project. His signature is inscribed, along with the signatures of his colleagues, on gold foil wrapped around the leg of the  lunar lander on the moon. 

In financial services and banking, Bill managed systems and database organizations and technology planning. In his own consulting company, BB Intelligent Consulting, he developed database-driven systems for wealth management and securities firms. 

Born and schooled in New York City at Stuyvesant High School and City College, he spent 20 years in Northern California, where he met and married Jayne. They moved together across the country to West Stockbridge five years ago, where Bill created a start-up, HelpCallBill, to offer technical support to small businesses in the Berkshires.

After receiving a BA in Creative Writing and minor in Communications & Media Studies at Tufts University, Michael got his
start marketing games, toys, and books at Cranium, followed by a few years at tech startups in Seattle. For the last 10+
years, Michael has worked at Google as a product marketing and brand manager, where he also leads wellbeing
initiatives and workshops across the organization as a certified Life Coach. Michael and his husband Nick purchased and
began renovating their West Stockbridge home in 2016, got married at TurnPark in 2018, and now live in town full time.

Frank and his wife, Miki, have called West Stockbridge home for some thirty years. Besides having been on the faculty of a number of universities, a member of the senior management of Mount Sinai Medical Center, founder of INKEF, a Dutch venture capital firm, he has had a long standing interest in economic development. In the past, he has served as an advisor to the White House on health care as well as the Dutch government on entrepreneurship. He was President of Pete Seeger’s Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. Frank looks forward to contributing to the continuing vitality of our dynamic and welcoming town.

Carter and his wife Carol moved to Water Street in the Williamsville section in 1998. Before that they lived for 34 years in Richmond, MA. He grew up in the Manhattan West Side where he and Carol raised their family until they moved full time to the Berkshires in 1976. Carter has been involved with many Town and not for profit organizations. He was Vice President for Administration and Finance at the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. He was a business consultant specializing in computer based financial planning. He is presently on the following Boards: The Mount, Berkshire Montessori School, West Stockbridge Historical Society and BFAIR. Among the many community government services he has been involved with, the [partial] list includes the Richmond Finance Committee, the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission and the West Stockbridge Downtown Revitalization Committee. He claims that he is not retired - he just doesn’t get paid any more. 

Peter is a longtime member of the West Stockbridge community and member of the Vision committee.  An avid woodworker, Peter owns and operates Peter Thorne Furniture and Design.

I’in Purwanti Cox and her partner/husband, George Cox moved to the Berkshires in 2011. After living in small cabin in Lenox for some years, they finally found their dream home in the Williamsville Village, West Stockbridge where they are now raising their 6 years old boy.

I’in is the co-founder and the executive producer of Outpost (, a full production company in the Berkshires that blends the art of storytelling and a moving image for commercial industries, non-profits, and independent art. She graduated from the MFA Program at the City University of New York (the CUNY), majoring in writing and directing documentary. In 2019, I’in created the Cinta Hutan Foundation, a cultural exchange for marginalized Indonesian and American young women using visual media and volunteer activism. The Cinta Hutan Foundation is her commitment to give opportunity to young people and to improve the lives of others through visual story-telling, activism, and community engagement.  As an Indonesian descent, I’in has been sharing her Indonesian culture to Berkshires community, especially in the town of West Stockbridge and created the Indonesian Country Fair in 2015. She plans to make this event a Bi-annual event for everyone to enjoy. With decades of experience in media, human rights and social justice issues, she is striving to create a platform for social justice and human rights using the film medium.

Liz is a 3rd generation resident of the West Stockbridge. She and her husband Mike have been married for 55 years.  A former 6 year West Stockbridge Select Person, Liz also served as an EMT in West Stockbridge for 15 years.  Presently, she is on the West Stockbridge Sewer & Water Commission and the Finance Committee at St Patrick’s Parish.  She is the current Stockbridge Council on Aging Director, an alternate member on the West Stockbridge Board of Appeals, and has been a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace for 20 years.

An oil painter, Karen was president of the Guild of Berkshire Artists. Karen loves the peace & natural beauty of West Stockbridge and the many opportunities for engaging conversations in galleries, cafes, stores, & the post office with the people of our town.  She enjoys listening to the dreams of the people and supporting them with sustainable systems. Climate, low income housing, universal health care, high speed internet, educational opportunities, diversity and pedestrian access are part of her vision for the future.  She has led tree walks and made a map of trees in the center of West Stockbridge and also set up a talk on protection of water in town.

Doane Perry was a teacher, anthropologist, telecommunications analyst, marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corporation, and Bed and Breakfast host, before he came to live in West Stockbridge.  Doane wrote for the Local Yokel for five years reporting on the Select Board. He has been on the Cable Commission and on the Select Board. He lives with his wife Karen Carmean in the house his parents built in 1962 in West Stockbridge. 

Thom moved to West Stockbridge in 1976. He was a faculty member in music at Simon’s Rock for 13 years until 1985, when he started his own business Thom Lipiczky General Contracting & Design. He worked as a builder and remodeler throughout the Berkshires until 2016, when he “retired.” He still does design work and consulting, and writes a monthly column (On the Home Front) in the Local Yokel.  He is also an active member of the Berkshire Woodworking Guild, making furniture from his shop at the house he designed and built in 2019. His wife Anne Lesser is a copy editor for medical journals and an avid gardener.