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Tasked with creating a strategic marketing plan for the town of WS consisting of a coordinated brand, public relations campaign, digital marketing and advertising. We also will act as a liaison between public and private promotional efforts for the town.




The West Stockbridge Vision Committee Marketing Subcommittee works on Marketing through WSVC membership by direction of The WSVC, which reports directly to The West Stockbridge Select Board. The committee currently consists of Karden Rabin, Steven Graham and Joe Roy Jr. We would like to add a few more members.




●    Stimulate commerce, tourism and economic development
●    Attract more young families to own property and live in WS
●    Generate more tax revenue for the town of WS


Our first priority is to hire a professional brand and design consultant to create a brand identity and style guide to provide logo, fonts, color palette and other design guidelines to communicate a consistent image of West Stockbridge across all marketing platforms (print, digital, signage, etc.)

We would like to work with Abbey Ley - - who has extensive experience in all aspects of design as well as working with private and public sector clients. 




Upon funding, the timeline to completion would be 6-12 weeks.




For the first time, the WS would have a professionally designed brand identity and style guide to inform and govern its marketing efforts. No one would have to spend time reinventing the wheel for creating anything the town needs for promotional purposes. We would also develop an archive of marketing materials and assets that could be re-used and/or easily revised year after year. Lastly, the brand identiry and style guide will allow us to easily employ outside marketing and advertising agencies to market for us. 

Additional Information

Like The West Stockbridge Vision Committee Website Subcommittee, the specific target market for our energies begins with West Stockbridge and Berkshire County: its residents and businesses - in that order. Anyone who understands [and uses] some elements of “marketing” a product or destination knows that steady, regular investment in exposure provides name recognition as well as promotes positive name recognition.

We aim to be a source of information and new ideas by encouraging a discussion of the various ways that improve West Stockbridge as a better and more inviting town.
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