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Pole Banners

Decorative signs called “pole banners” would be hung on approximately 12 telephone poles along Rte. 102/41/Main Street stretching between the cannon and the turnoff to the Turnpike. Exact poles have not been chosen yet.




West Stockbridge Beautification Committee (Lois Ferguson, Randy and Sheila Thunfors, Corey Lenherr, Jennifer Knopf, Lisa Parker, Paul Cunningham).

Jennifer Knopf has designed the banner graphics. The specifics of such can be edited and the size altered with input from the committee.

A local sign printer such as Larkin Ltd. Signs can print the vinyl banners and obtain the brackets. Unsure who would hang them throughout town – perhaps Larkin or another person from within West Stockbridge.




The primary objective of the pole banners is to create a welcoming environment and sense of community in West Stockbridge. 

The WS Beautification Committee hopes to create a sense of place and warm greeting upon entry to town. Our target audience is WS locals, members of the surrounding towns, as well as tourists.  i.e. Tanglewood patrons, Norman Rockwell patrons, etc.



The colorful graphics of the vinyl pole banners (18” x 36”) will boldly state “WEST STOCKBRIDGE” and the words SHOP, DINE, LIVE as well as a 4th word highlighting a featured strength of the area. 

i.e. RELAX (a nod to the Williams River), NOURISH (a nod to the WS Farmers Market), EXPLORE (a nod to our history of mining), ENJOY (a nod to our local heron bird), MOVE (a nod to biking), DISCOVER (a nod to the train station), CREATE (a nod to our artists), GROW (a nod to our farmers), ENERGIZE (a nod to our coffee culture), PLAY (a nod to our outdoor activities), CLIMB (a nod to hiking trails), LISTEN (a nod to our musicians), BREATHE (a nod to our green space), and INVENT (a nod to our inventive community).



Approval from Mass Electric and Verizon to be requested by March 1, 2020.

Banners ordered between March 15 and April 1.

Banners will hang in town for 2 months from July 1 to August 31, 2020. 




The pole banners are important to West Stockbridge because they are a part of an initial branding of the town. The Berkshires has many towns that take the spotlight, and many of those are right next door to West Stockbridge. i.e. Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington. The town of WS needs to look bright and welcoming in order to be more noticed and not just a “pass through” to other towns. These banners will help to create the environment we are seeking.

These banners will help our local businesses attract customers with a more inviting appearance. Colorful and informative, the banners create interest and are a friendly promotion of the town’s attributes. The main color of yellow ties in with the merchants’ printed brochure and business community website ( 

Banners of similar nature have been hung in Great Barrington, Pittsfield, Austerlitz NY, just to name a few.

No direct revenue is expected from this project.


The results are both long and short-term.



The utility companies (Western Mass Electric and/or Verizon) will need to give approval for these to be placed on their poles. 

Berkshire Engineering will need to sign off on the mounting hardware and the installation.

Additional Details


See attached for images of the banners created for West Stockbridge by Jennifer Knopf.


See attached for images of other towns with banners – Austerlitz NY and Blandford MA.


See attached for documentation from the Town of Great Barrington in regards to the permitting process undertaken by Berkshire Resources for Integration of Diverse Groups and Education Inc. and Gwendolyn VanSant for “DuBois Native Son” banners.

Decorative signs called “pole banners” would be hung on approximately 12 telephone poles along Rte. 102/41/Main Street stretching between the cannon and the turnoff to the Turnpike.
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