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Meeting Notice - 2020/11/17


Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 6 PM [Meeting #37]

[Meeting to be called to order at 6:00PM - lasting approximately one hour]

Note: Active members at this time: Joe Roy, Jr, Peter Thorne, Randy Thunfors, Stephen Graham, Karen Carmean, Doane Perry, Bill Barth, Thom Lipiczky, Liz DiGrigoli, i’in Purwanti Cox, Frank Landsberger, Carter White and Michael Bolognino. [Total 13 Members - Quorum is 7.]

Location: via ZOOM [see at bottom of page]

• Review last meetings’ minutes

• Discuss new Subcommittee: Noise Bylaw [as per Select Board] =

• Also discuss downtown traffic control remedies -

• Review Subcommittee reports -

• Discuss Carter’s WS Land Trust Proposal -

• Has everyone chosen a “Focus Group” to work on? [Subcommittee List?]

• Review list of active subcommittees -

• Review partial list of SB recommendations -

• New business topics to discuss [at a future meeting]?

• After approximately 1 hour - adjourn

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 846 9455 0850

Joe Roy, Jr

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