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A service that will bring visitors to West Stockbridge and offer a means of local transportation round the southern Berkshires to those W. Stockbridge residents who, for a variety of reason, do not drive or have access to a private vehicle.




William Barth:  Project Proposer 




A low cost service which will bring visitors from other towns and transportation hubs to enjoy the outdoor beauty and services; theater, restaurants, markets and other businesses offered in West Stockbridge without increasing traffic congestion or pressure on parking and infrastructure.



Funding for a detailed study of costs, financial models, routes and service details.



Study in 2020, with an implementation timeline TBD




This project aligns with the several current state initiatives for intra-town transportation (see appendix link) 
The Jitney will bring people to and from Pittsfield ITC (local, rail and bus clients), Lenox and Stockbridge to our town to enjoy our theater, visual and literary arts; restaurants; trails and walks. Many potential visitors do not have easy access to cars and are not familiar with the roads.  Some do not drive at night. Traffic congestion, parking and pressure on our overall infrastructure will be minimized. Local business will benefit from exposure to new customers. The routes could be extended to the West Stockbridge train station in the future.


No risks for the study. 


Additional Details

Creation of a low cost transportation service which will bring in visitors to enjoy the outdoor beauty, culture, restaurants, markets, and other businesses offered in town without increasing traffic congestion or pressure on parking and infrastructure.
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