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Tree Walk

With the help of the community, we will identify significant, unusual and beautiful trees in the center of town. We will make a map that includes the name, country of origin and items of special interest. We will ask the community to nominate trees by asking them in the Local Yokel and also posting a request at various locations in town. We will prepare a map with the trees on it and a walking route. We hope to include some information on the economics benefits of trees, basic information on tree care and tree identification.




Karen Carmean is the lead working with Steve Graham and Karden Rabin to put information on the website. Local Yokel will provide our residents with information to get involved. Curt Wilton* might provide advice and support. Tree Warden *might provide technical assistance, advice and resources and the state government has lots of information and support for community tree support. The Berkshire Botanical Garden could provide resources. The town librarian* might provide additional resources.




To identify significant trees in the center of our town

To appreciate the diversity we have and the variety of countries of origin of our trees.

To encourage observation, exploration and respect for trees by young people and us all.

To encourage walking around our beautiful town of West Stockbridge for health and enjoyment of all but particularly our older residents.


Identify significant trees with help of residents.

Identify people who are drawn to and love trees.

Make a map so significant trees are seen and are part of the lives and the regular walks of residents- young and old. Already complete on Google maps.

Once up on the web, the map will be a resource which can be added to on an ongoing basis.

We could have checklists at the end of tree walks if you need an evaluation instrument.

Someday we might print copies of the maps and bookmarks of economic benefits and basic tree care.



April 15th, 2019 submit invitation to the Local Yokel and put up a few flyers. Invite residents of West Stockbridge to nominate significant trees in our down town area. Send nominations to a special gmail address- perhaps WalkWS@* or our vision committee email address.

May: Tree walk with arborist* in West Stockbridge.

May and June: put significant trees on the map with their names and country of origin. Country of origin not yet complete. 


June and July: post this information on the Vision website. We hope that this will be viewable on smart phones and also printable for those who want to carry around a paper map.

We will plan tree walks for our community this summer. Maybe starting in June 2020. We had several in spring of 2019.

We will collect information on the economic benefits of trees and on basic tree care and maintenance and put this on the web beginning in July. Not yet done but I have the information.


We will plan a tree walk in September.



Increase our appreciation, respect and knowledge of trees. 

Provide ease of access to regular enjoyable exercise including older citizens and children. 

Many towns have identified their local trees and educated residents on their value.


We urge tree walkers to stay on paths to avoid private property and possible contact with poison ivy or ticks.

Additional Information

Maps / geographic regions being targeted.  Letters of support.  Supporting market research.  Photographs.


How to Identify Types of Trees in North America


Tree Guide - The Official Website of Central Park NYC

Initial contact has been made. *


Invitation to nominate trees in the center of West Stockbridge.


What are your favorite trees in the center of West Stockbridge? Please send us nominations with the address and brief description of the tree to  and a photo if that is easy for you. We plan to add significant trees to a walking map of West Stockbridge and put it on our website We will include the name of the tree, the country of origin and other special attributes of the trees. Please join us on a tree walk in April or May or June with a local arborist or expert. 

Through the identification of significant trees in the center of our town, we seek to encourage observation, exploration and respect for trees by young people and us all.
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