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Keep website current. Provide all updated information in the various pages on the website. Encourage committee and public input. Report all activities of the committee and The Select Board.




The West Stockbridge Vision Committee Website Subcommittee works on our own website through WSVC membership by direction of The WSVC, which reports directly to The West Stockbridge Select Board. WSVC Website Committee members are responsible for maintaining the website with up-to- date information, promoting West Stockbridge, responding to online inquiries, giving notice to upcoming meetings and events and paying the necessary fees to maintain the website.



Primary objectives of the website is to be a source of information regarding our goals as a committee, records of meetings, current focus on special events, updating our calendar, posting our Mission Statement and Vision Statement, identifying members of our committee, and encouraging a discussion that probes the various ways that West Stockbridge can be improved for residents and visitors.

Project Details

The West Stockbridge Vision Committee Website Subcommittee will meet and communicate through the pages on our website as well as email and other social media software to keep all communications updated and complete. WSVC will be two years old in July of 2020. We are still young and about to launch the website very soon - we just need to touch up a few pages before we make it “public.” With financial support from The Town to pay our modest bills that maintain the website, and a small supplementary operating budget for things like software updates, some posters for events and postage, we can maintain the ability to draw attention to West Stockbridge and help improve the quality life in our town.


Since WSVC is a relatively new as a “Town Committee,” our impact as an agent of the town has been limited. This Subcommittee is even younger that our Committee, but to date, we have created a website with seven “Pages:” HOME, DISCUSSION, STATEMENTS, COMMITTEE, CALENDAR, MEETING NOTES, AND CONTACT. Since it hasn’t been officially “launched” as yet, the “Discussion” page hasn’t had any content yet, but the “Home “ page and the “Statements” pages are complete. The others are a work in progress, but each of them have content and just need some time to be complete and ready for the public. We can provide passwords for website access if requested.


In the past 18 months, the WSVC Website has not been able to actually show any benefits yet, but once it’s fully functional, it will prove to be a valuable source of information both TO the public and FROM the public as a guide for the Vision Committee and The Town.


Additional Information

The specific target market for our website begins with West Stockbridge: its residents and businesses, in that order. But since our Committee’s “mission” expects to accomplish a source of guidance for our town “…through a program of collaborative dialogue, innovative planning, and creative public outreach,” we feel attempting that without a fully functional website would be severely lacking. And as a result, we would reach well beyond Berkshire County into the Northeast and beyond!

Help us improve the content of this website!
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