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Municipal Projects

As part of the Vision Committee's mission, here are the projects being pursued with the select board.  

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A destination cherished by its residents and loved by its visitors.


In collaboration with residents and local businesses, we aim to beautify our town with colorful plantings to attract visitors and improve the asthetic beaty of our town.

Celebrate Arts


Contribute to the cultural vitality of West Stockbridge and the Berkshires by celebrating the creative artists  in all media in our area.


We aim to be a source of information and new ideas by encouraging a discussion of the various ways that improve West Stockbridge as a better and more inviting town.



Creation of a low cost transportation service which will bring in visitors to enjoy the outdoor beauty, culture, restaurants, markets, and other businesses offered in town without increasing traffic congestion or pressure on parking and infrastructure.

Pole Banners


Decorative signs called “pole banners” would be hung on approximately 12 telephone poles along Rte. 102/41/Main Street stretching between the cannon and the turnoff to the Turnpike.

Tree Walk

Through the identification of significant trees in the center of our town, we seek to encourage observation, exploration and respect for trees by young people and us all.

Williams River Trail


There is an abandoned railroad bed that runs from West Stockbridge to Housatonic on the east side of the Williams River.  Having a way to travel from West Stockbridge to Housatonic and not take Rte. 41 will be huge!


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